Yetiland is a knitwear manufacturing and exporting company with over 40 plus years of experience.

We specialize in hand knitted, hand-crocheted and hand operated machine knit items.

We produce a wide variety of knitted and crocheted apparel and accessories.

We use materials such as: merino wool, lambs wool, mohair and blended yarns in both natural and man-made fibres, as per your choice.

Company Profile

Company Profile


Over 40 plus years

Work space

Over 40,000 sq.ft. under one roof

Minimum order (per color per style) Hand-knit

25 pcs for sweater, jacket, poncho etc

50 pcs for hat, glove, scarf etc

Minimum order (per color per style)

Hand operated machine-knit

50 pcs sweater, jackets, cardigans etc

100 pcs hat, glove, scarf etc


5000* pcs hand-knit, 15000* pcs hand operated machine-knit :Sweater, Jackets, Poncho & all the other main apparel, per month.


50000* pcs hand-knitted, 200000* pcs hand operated machine-knit: Hats, Mittens and all accessories, per month.

Lead time

45* days minimum.


Solid-dye, space-dye, tie-dye, shaded-dye, melange, neps, marl etc. All our dyes are azo-free and colour-fast

*The capacity & the lead time depends on the orders, season and the complexity of the design

Mission & Objectives

We believe in providing our customers with 'best value for money' and 'excellent services' while adhering to fair trade practices through fair wages, good working conditions and respect for the environment.

•Our aim is to provide customers with excellent quality at reasonable prices with a strong focus on a high level of service.

To provide impartial training and employment opportunities to all section of the society regardless of gender, faith, caste and creed.

To sustain the interests of all the stake holders of the company: buyers, suppliers and employees.

Why Yetiland ?

Professional services

We provide professional and fast sampling & courier service. We help buyers make their own Labels, Tags, Packaging and all the necessary Paper-works and documentations, which are done very precisely as per buyer's requirement. We also do custom clearing and ship the goods to the destination by Air or by Sea. Buyers are well informed about the shipping information until they receive their goods in their warehouse.

All services under one roof

At Yetiland, we believe in "making buying simple" by providing 'quality product and 'efficient services' like sampling, dyeing, manufacturing, packaging and all export facility integrated under one roof

Sound QC system

Our 'Quality Control' system is strict and thorough, which has satisfied buyers of all levels.

Better Choices

a. Yarn

We have many kinds of yarns, spun out of different fibres in different thickness. Beside 100% sheep wool; we also use yarns made out of other natural and man-made fibres and blends as per customer's choice.

b.Dyeing Choice

Yarns are dyed in a wide variety of colours as per our shade-card or as per Pantone colour references. Beside solid colour; we also do a lot of tie-dyes, dip-dyes, space-dye, top-dye etc. Our dyes are colour-fast and azo-free.

Good capacity

We have a big number of skilled workers. More than eight hundred people work for us in the high production seasons.

On time Delivery

Our buyers have always appreciated our on-time delivery of their orders. Our sound management team and production system help us achieve our goals.

c. Product Choices

We make every variety of products that are hand knitted, crocheted and made using hand operated machine 'Garments' like; Jacket, Sweater, Poncho or any other items as per customers choice.

Also a wide variety of 'Accessories' like; Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Mittens, Bags,Toys, Dog sweaters, Cushion covers etc.

Prompt Correspondence

Our Communication with our buyers and suppliers are prompt and efficient. The use of digital communication tools: primarily email, whatsapp and other digital apps makes communication very fast and easy. The communication network within the company is also very efficient.

Social Responsibility

Joy Foundation Nepal is a non-profitable and non-governmental social welfare organization established and run by a group of Nepalese businessmen since 1996. This organization has been actively involved with free cataract eye camps, health camps, dental camps in the remote areas of Nepal. Beside health sector, it is also involved in education, environment, earthquake, COVID and flood relief activity.

Mr. Babu Kaji Shrestha (Managing Director of Yetiland) is the Founder President and also the current President of Joy Foundation Nepal.

Yetiland has been contributing our time, resources, ideas and energy to JOY since its inception till today.

You can also join hands with us and share the joy of helping the under privileged.


Yetiland Pvt. Ltd

House No. 106, Old Dhalko Marg,

Chhatrapati, Dhalko, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tel: (+977-1) 5367843, 5360073, 5319029



Mr. Chimey Sherpa (Manager)


Mr. Babu Kaji Shrestha (Managing Director)

Location map

Show room:

Babu Kaji's Knitwear

House No. 17, J P Marg, Chhatrapati,

Thamel Street

KMC-17 (50 Meter east of J P School), Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tel: (+977-1) 5361132, 5327571



Whatsapp: (+977) 9841210271, (+977) 9818133312

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